Course portfolio

Groundwater Essentials: The one-day course is designed for non-specialists who require a basic understanding of the role of groundwater, and an overview of the types of aquifers common to the area.

Getting to Know Groundwater: The course will incorporate groundwater basics, quality and storage, an introduction to modelling, management options, conservation and remediation.

Australian Groundwater School: Our flagship course, is the premier course of its type in Australasia. The Australian Groundwater School provides participants with a broad but rigorous introduction to groundwater.

Groundwater in Mining: This 3-day course is designed for professionals and students keen to learn about groundwater in mining.

Soil and Groundwater Pollution: This course gives participants an understanding of the important groundwater processes related to soil and groundwater pollution.

Fractured Rock in Hydrogeology: This course will cover state-of-the-art methods for investigating groundwater flow and contaminant transport in fractured rocks. Topics will include hydraulic testing, solute and contaminant transport and groundwater modelling.

Solute and Reactive Transport Modelling: The course is designed to introduce the participants to the model-based quantification of groundwater quality problems from various industries and disciplines (contaminant hydrology, mining, water supply).

PEST Modelling Workshop: This two-part course offers participants the opportunity to become acquainted with state-of-the-art methodologies for groundwater simulation, model calibration and model predictive uncertainty analysis.

Hydrochemistry: This course aims to provide an understanding of natural groundwater
chemistry, which is an important tool in managing groundwater resources
and water quality, in particular.

Advanced Aquifer Testing Techniques and Hydrogeologic Anlaysis: New Concepts, Field Methods and Data Analysis Procedure: This three-day course incorporates all aspects of devising advanced aquifer testing techniques, and emphasises the connection between pumping test design and different hydrogeological scenarios.

Field Methods: This three-day course will review and provide participants with hands-on experience in a selection of common and novel techniques used to monitor and characterise groundwater systems and surface water-groundwater interactions.

Well Design

Managed Aquifer Recharge: The fundamentals of managing recharge projects in aquifers.

Understanding Groundwater Law: This two-day course is designed for those who need to understand how law and policy govern groundwater management in Australia; the contexts in which water agencies administering these laws operate; and the key challenges that groundwater law and policy will need to confront in the future.