Getting to Know Groundwater

Course Description

This two-day course is designed for non-specialists who require an introduction to groundwater and an overview of the types of aquifers in Australia. The course will incorporate groundwater basics, quality and storage, an introduction to modelling, management options, conservation and remediation.

Who should attend?

Technicians and environmental extension officers who require hands-on, field-oriented skills for investigation and management of groundwater and associated environments.
Managers, planners and policy staff involved in groundwater assessments, reviewing consultants' reports, and policy or planning work.
People from natural resource backgrounds including environmental consulting, mining, agriculture, planning, land care, environmental science, education and environmental advocacy.

Topics include

How important is groundwater? Global and local water balances
How is groundwater stored and how does it move?
Groundwater quality
Introduction to Groundwater Modelling
Groundwater Exploitation
Interactions between Groundwater and Surface Water
Groundwater resource management
Storage and conservation options
Interactions of climate and groundwater availability
Groundwater remediation options

If you would like the Getting to Know Groundwater course delivered in-house or in your community please contact our staff by phone 08 8201 5632 or e-mail Please email your company name, preferred location and contact details.